Plantana Luxury Bath Soap

Our soaps are made using the cold process method, a technique used for thousands of years. We mix lye with water, blend it with oils, add essential oils and natural colorants, and pour it into molds to make it nice and pretty. (Of course, this is the simplified tutorial!)

We make our soaps in small batches of 44 bars at a time. This allows us to carefully monitor and adjust the soaps as needed. We consider ambient temperature, humidity, and more to ensure every batch is as perfect as it can be. We also sterilize our equipment between batches so that oils from one batch do not contaminate oils from another.

These steps help ensure that every bar of soap is personally checked for excellence. Because we have such an intimate, hands-on approach with our soaps, we are confident you’ll see and feel the difference.

Each handcrafted bar of soap is rich in luxurious tropical oils and butters such as virgin olive oil coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter . We often add colloidal toasted oatmeal, local raw honey, Brazilian clays and wild organic herbs that lend their own goodness and enhance the soap’s emollient properties.

Coconut milk, oatmeal milk and the milk from Amish-country-pastured goats are also used in our handcrafted soaps. Many of our soaps are made with botanical-based cold infused oils where we take full advantage of their wonderful health-giving properties. Everything we make is truly natural and handmade. All of our cold processed soaps are cured for a minimum of six weeks because quality soap needs time to age and reach maturity.

What we put on our skin matters. What we dump on our earth matters. What we leave behind for our children and grandchildren matters. In addition to leaving your skin, face and hair feeling clean and moisturized our handcrafted soap leaves you with a clear conscience too.

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