Why switch to natural laundry soap?

Conventional laundry detergents are loaded with chemicals – sulfates, fragrances, phenols, petroleum distillates, and more – that are linked to everything from skin and throat irritation to cancer and lung disease. Do you want these toxins on the clothes you wear every day? Protect yourself and your family. Make the switch!

mock-bags-square700To produce our all-natural laundry soap, we start with our cold process coconut oil laundry bar and add naturally occurring minerals. We then blend the product to a fine powder that can dissolve in both warm and cold water. Our product cleans exceptionally well, removes odors, and is free of the harmful chemicals found in store-bought detergents. It’s also perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. The soap can be purchased unscented or lightly scented with essential oils. No fragrance oils are used.

Your clothes will come out fresh, clean, and soft. No fabric softener necessary! If you like extra softness, you may add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your fabric softener compartment. (The vinegar is also an excellent disinfectant.) Rest assured: There will be no vinegar odor left on your clothing. Give it a try!


  • Skin

    Plantana Laundry Soap is great for sensitive skin.

  • Water

    Can be used in warm or cold water

  • Sudsing

    Low sudsing. You won’t see suds but it gets clean!

  • Baby Clothes

    This soap is perfect for baby clothes and diapers.

  • Loading

    The soap is HE or front-load safe.

  • Safe

    This is safe for septic systems

  • Free!

    Free of phosphates, dyes, sulfates, artificial colors & fragrances

  • Eco

    100% natural and eco-friendly

Ships in a 2-lb. stand-up bag. Includes a 1-Tbsp. scoop.

Conventional machine – 2 Tbsps. = 32 loads
HE machine – 1 Tbsps. = 64 loads

Stain Stick

This all-coconut oil laundry bar is the ultimate stain stick. Keep one in the laundry room to treat stains while the washer is filling up. Simply wet a corner of the bar with water,

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